I often talk with my clients about winning and I think it’s an important conversation. You might be thinking what is the thing called a “win” exactly? In terms of coaching a win is when you reach a goal, accomplish a task, or manifest something you desire. Wining implies a couple of things: first you have a goal and second you are engaged on some level in obtaining it.

It wouldn’t be right to talk about winning without mentioning sports. Winning in sports occurs because it’s more important to have something or an object in one place versus another and with that, you must keep score. In sports winning seems to be sort of ironic. They say “winning isn’t everything” or “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” However, if you attend any high school or college football game in your home town and you will quickly discover people do have a vested and emotional interest in their favorite team winning. If that team loses, it’s a challenge to find anyone who is saying that or can remember those ideals.

So in sports you do have winners and losers, but in the game of life it’s important to distinguish: you have experiences, insights, and lessons. It’s easy to get caught up going from one thing to the next with ever stopping to acknowledge your wins and what you’ve accomplished. I would encourage you take a few minutes at the end of each week and look back and reflect on wins you have had and write them down. I would venture to say you might be winning more than you think!

Wins come in all sizes and I often find people are unaware of the “wins” in their life. There are really big wins like for example starting your own company and very small wins like clearing off and organizing your desk so that you can work more effectively. The important thing to remember is that all wins in your life are positive, powerful, and opportunities for celebration. Even when you don’t hit a goal, you often discover valuable feedback on what may be stopping you or how to better focus your intentions.

When you are winning it builds momentum. The more wins you have, the more powerful you feel. As you become more aware of the wins in your life and begin to start gaining ground, you should find yourself experiencing life feeling more energized and with a greater sense of accomplishment. Step out and go for it – start winning!