“I have worked with Rafe for many years, and I have seen dramatic changes in my business and personal life. Rafe guided me along the path of achieving the quality of life I had previously thought unattainable!”
— Julie Alexander, Alexander & Associates

We work with experienced professionals and business owners who are successful, but find they may be experiencing feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with all they must get done in their personal or professional life.

Factors required for engaging a coach:

  • Realizing a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • A willingness to be open, learn, grow, and take action.

  • Seeing the value in having an accountability partner to take their results to the next level.

In addition, many others often report that they are hitting a plateau in their results. Hiring a coach enables you to gain balance, fulfillment, and happiness giving you the success you want and deserve.

Are you success minded?

Regardless of their profession or personal circumstances, all my clients are successful, resourceful, and intelligent individuals that are serious and committed to getting more out of life.

In considering engaging a coach, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I feel stuck when it comes to producing results?

  • Do I feel frustrated in moving my goals and intentions forward?

  • Am I in transition, looking for my true calling and what inspires me?

What you can expect working with a coach:


It has become increasingly more valuable to business owners to find an edge that has them be successful. Business coaching provides the small business owner with a 360 view on their business, providing clean and unfiltered feedback. The results are clarity on existing challenges and breakdowns.

Your future by your design

Once we’ve identified the results you want, then we will quickly begin to start working to achieve them. As results start happening, you will experience being more confident, productive, and fulfilled. Through the coaching process you will start turning your intentions into reality; faster and with less effort.

More time and productivity

In business and life we all face our most scarce resource…time. With a coach you will learn to set solid goals, start building momentum, and gaining ground. Our focus will be on prioritizing the activity’s, projects, and aspirations that matter most and forward your vision for your life.

Less stress and more energy

Together we can work on things that drain your energy and cause you stress. By finding strategies to eliminate these things and by focusing on what gives you energy your life will flow, your energy will increase and your stress decrease.

Reaching your goals faster

Once you identify what you really want, set goals and begin to see ways to achieve this you are more likely to take actions to reach your goals. Our coaching partnership, with its special tools and techniques, will help you be more efficient and effective with your actions and time.

Reaching goals faster

Take Action

Ready to take the next step?