What are clients are saying…

If you’ve been searching your whole life and you still have not found “it,” then hiring Rafe is your next best move. His methods, strategy and guidance will help you finally get clarity, be fully present and feel powerful about your purpose on this planet. And the best part is that his coaching is all about you discovering this on your own, he is not teaching how to do this (which makes it all that more powerful). Every aspect of my life is better since starting coaching, both personally and professionally. I’m making more than enough money because he helped me change my definition of success from measuring the amount of dollars in my pocket to being aware of the amount of time I spent living intentionally and consciously. Thank you Rafe for changing my life. I am forever grateful.
— Laura Ivy Blessing, Owner/Broker Blessed Life Group
When I started working with Rafe I was at a place with my small company that I did not feel comfortable with. I had not grown at the rate I wanted to grow and kept having difficulties with communication with clients and even staff. What I got from working with Rafe was much more than I even expected. He helped me learn to communicate with clients in a clear way and to take care of myself and my business at the same time. My business became dramatically more profitable and within the year and a half we worked together I successfully added four new people to my team, moved spaces successfully, grew my business income by 40% and all while working smarter and even less. I have more time now for my family and myself and more satisfaction in both my personal and work life. I highly recommend Rafe to anyone who is REALLY READY to make a positive change in their business lives.
— Amity Worrel, Amity Worrel & Associates
Put quite simply, my work with Rafe was transformational. I’m a sole proprietor in the healing arts, with a background in investment banking and corporate finance, and have a private practice that has supported me well and is extremely fulfilling. Over the years, though, I found there was a nebulous missing piece to my practice that kept me on my heels and made it difficult to create what felt like a stable, ‘arrived’ business. Leaning on my own professional experience and that of others that I trust, I’d tried every strategy I could think of to stabilize and grow my business, but something was just not clicking. I connected with Rafe with the aim of digging into and clearing up that ‘something’ that was limiting my ability to expand and bring stability to my business’ finances. What we did was well-beyond what I expected, and truly changed my life and my business for the better. Digging into my core beliefs about my business and finances, in short order we effectively reprogrammed my orientation to what it is I do in the world. This was no small accomplishment; it’s created dramatic positive change in my life and reconnected me to the joy of my practice. I now have a completely new set of tools for further exploration into my Self, which continues to create new areas of freedom in many other aspects of my life. And as a result, my business’ finances are now stabilizing and comfortably expanding. Mission accomplished!
— Mike Williams, Rolf Austin
Rafe has an extraordinary way of keeping me focused on what counts and helping me clearly see the true issues I face with regard to growing my business.
— Pete Monfre, Clarity Marketing Support
I have worked with Rafe for nearly a year, and I’ve been thrilled with the results. If you have trouble balancing career and family or professional and personal development, Rafe is a great person to help. In my case, I had some extremely important decisions to make that would shape the direction of my business and, more importantly, my family life. As a coach, Rafe helped me to crystallize and prioritize what mattered most. Over the course of a few months with Rafe, it became clear what my path needed to be. Since that time, Rafe has helped me to better execute toward my goals. I am at my best when I am joyful and passionate- Rafe has helped me to find ways to work in that state on a daily basis.
— Cuatro Groos, Cuatro Benefits

I have worked with Rafe for the past two years, and I have seen dramatic changes in my business and personal life. Rafe guided me along the path of achieving the quality of life I had previously thought unattainable!
— Julie Alexander, Alexander & Associates Attorneys
I have worked with Rafe for over four years now and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary! His coaching has allowed me to identify what I was truly passionate about in my life, my work, and my family. Rafe continues to astound me with his ability to pull out my very best at the times when I need it the most and I refer him constantly!
— John Cox, eVoluntary
I worked with Rafe for several years and to help me start my own business. In that time I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible! In fact, I have passed by my initial first year revenue goal and my second year doubled it!
— Krik Ashy, Shepard & Walton Life
Rafe has done vast research so he can sift through the irrelevant material and deliver to you principals that create results. Sticking to his training will produce positive changes in how you interact with others and compliment both business and personal relationships.
— Michael Ebbeler, Unwired Nation
I have accomplished more in the past six months with Rafe than I have in the past 2 years combined. Coaching makes me think and approach daily business issues and life challenges in new ways. Working with Rafe is enlightening!
— Chris Magdelain, Magdesign
Over the last year Rafe has become a valued friend and business associate. For me Rafe’s value is in his ability to listen with intention and to give feedback that is insightful and focused on your individual needs. Rafe is a true coaching professional!
— Jerry Pritchard Strategic, Business Solutions, Ltd
Rafe’s a great person. He is someone that I can talk to about sales, marketing, business, relationships; and his feedback is invaluable. He’s a great sounding board, and is very efficient at helping people find and maintain focus and motivation in their livelihood. I HIGHLY recommend Rafe to anyone that needs professional one-on-one support for their business and personal endeavors.
— Eric Marquez, Austin Tax Pros
I hired Rafe Beeson as a Business Coach for two years and experienced direct positive results on a regular basis in my personal and business life. His insights impacted the growth of my business and assisted me in situations that arise from employing 74 people. I highly recommend Rafe to anyone seeking to better their business and personal relationships, work environment and overall health.
— Christine Choate, Horizon Realty
Working with Rafe has made a big difference for me, especially when the market has been as tough as it is. Rafe has a significant sales background and has helped me stay accountable to business goals and he’s also a master at crucial conversations. I’ve seen a big improvement in my own emotional intelligence and responses to difficult situations. If you’re a business owner struggling with the day-to-day issues that come up, I highly recommend visiting with Rafe about your situation.
— Jason Myers, Texas e-networks
I engaged Rafe to discuss my ambitions to start my own business. Just hearing his story was very inspiring! With his coaching, I moved forward in starting my first company!
— Jeff Hadlock, jeffhadlock llc
Rafe has shown me how to focus my time and energy on the things in life that were important to me. He helped me set short and long term goals and then held me accountable every week for making progress towards achieving those goals. My results: I have doubled my income. My home life is wonderful. My health is better than ever and the best thing of all is that I know this is only the beginning. Rafe was able to get the great qualities I knew I had in me, and made them work for me in a way I never thought I could!
— Eric Trevino, Cigna