The Process

Initial Consultation

We’ll start by doing a initial consultation either face to face or over the phone to determine the exact circumstances and challenges you are currently facing in your business and see if coaching is a fit for you and your company. This free coaching session also gives you the opportunity get all of your questions answered and experience coaching first hand.


We will begin doing a preliminary assessment of you and your business to see where you are currently and create a blueprint of how we can move you forward to obtain next level results. The Assessment is also a process of discovery for you as a client to get in touch with what it is you want and what matters to you most.

Future Design and Goal Setting

After the assessment the next step is the creation of strategic goals in order to determine the specific quantifiable results and experiences you would like to have and produce. These results are based on a future that speaks to you, your vision, and the mission of your company. A future that is inspiring and has you excited about moving forward and elevating your performance.

Systems and Structures

Now that we are clear about where you are going, we will assist you in designing and implementing a series of systems and structures that serve as support mechanisms to grow your business and allow you the freedom to pursue whats important to you. These support systems will be automatic and ongoing to provide the necessary accountability required for timely and accurate feedback; ensuring success.


Through a series of one on one weekly coaching sessions, we will begin the process of discovering the next steps that will begin moving your future forward. The promises you make regarding the specific actions you will take are how we will measure progress. Coaching works powerfully due to the natural built in accountability process.

Breakthrough Results

Coaching has you focus on what’s important to you in your personal or professional life, recognizing and eliminating obstacles and roadblocks that are holding you back from producing breakthrough results.